Rising Strength is a 2,000 square foot training facility just five blocks Southeast of Lake Merritt in Oakland. We also have a private outdoor training area. Using dynamic, functional fitness, and a goal-oriented approach, we will help you get stronger, leaner, happier and more comfortable in your skin.

We support everyone’s individual path. As a judgment-free, body-positive, and supportive community, we are LGBTQ friendly and welcome all backgrounds and body types. We want to express that you do not need to be fit to start exercising. Whether you have been working out for years or have never set foot inside of a gym, you will feel at home here.

With years of sports nutrition behind us, we advocate a plant-based lifestyle for a variety of reasons but respect and support all choices. With every person that walks in our door, our community will grow, transform, and redefine any limitations that were previously perceived. We invite you to join us, share in this community, set a new Personal Record, and be part of this change.

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Over the course of 8 sessions together, you'll learn everything you'll need to step into any strength and conditioning based gym with confidence, how to build your workouts to achieve results and we'll explore your specific goals together. Whether you've never stepped foot in a gym before or you want a refresher on how to get back to it, this is a great program. Together, we'll go over all of the primary, dynamic, barbell movements such as Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Clean, Jerk, and Snatch as well as the proper form for bodyweight, kettlebell and dumbbell movements, covering how to effectively incorporate them into your routine. Kick start your gym routine with confidence in your form, yourself, and your program so that you can crush your goals efficiently. This comes with 2-week free Open Gym at the Rising Strength facility, once we're finished!

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Open Gym

Access The Rising Strength facilities nearly 24 hours a day using the digital door code and train your way on your schedule. During business hours, you'll have access to our courtyard that is surrounded by gardens, for tire flips, hammer smashes, sled drives, or simply training in the sun. During odd hours, you'll have access to a fully outfitted indoor space with everything you'll need. Our facilities are dog friendly, open-air, and nearly brand new as we fully remodeled in December.

Not ready to fly solo? Check out our Personal Training and Foundations options.

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Personal Connected Training

Focusing on a whole lifestyle experience, scheduled around your schedule, your goals, and your budget, we'll get you efficiently to your goals, together. From weight loss, weight gain, and aesthetic goals, to strength, endurance and lifting goals, we will get you there while also improving any current body pain, improving mobility/flexibility, and can discuss nutrition. Jump into a private, connected, experience with award-winning coach Holly and get the results you're wanting to achieve.

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Similar to Private but a bit more fun! Think personal training, around your goals and your schedule, but for you and your partner, friends, or family.

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When I first met Holly I had been struggling with trying to find an exercise routine that worked for me. I had been plagued with back problems for years and wanted to work out but couldn’t find anything that satisfied my needs in terms of exercise.

Holly reached out to me and told me to come try NewEthic and see if what she offered would work for me. What came next is almost 2 years of self improvement, mental positivity, massive strength gains and a new love for the world of exercise, fitness and weight lifting...The environment that Holly & Ed created at NewEthic is one of positive mental attitude, all welcoming and always pushing hard work.

The knowledge I gained from being at NewEthic has pushed me to become a trainer myself all because of Holly’s constant positive energy pushing me to become something better.

- Rich Gaccione

Rising Strength Gym is unexpected. Everyone is supportive of each other, regardless of everything and being welcomed by dogs and all, is a huge motivation to work-out. Nothing like a dog lick when you are straining to do a sit-up!

I started with Foundations classes. A small group of more experienced members are guided through a class while a dedicated trainer focuses on one or two novices. I realized I needed a personal trainer and Holly effortlessly fit me into her schedule at a mutually convenient time. She is dynamic, compassionate, and attentive, while constantly amazing me by pushing me past my perceived limits. She supports me while I am at the gym and keeps the motivation going with texts and emails. I treasure her expertise and fierce support.

Rising Strength gym is convenient and quirky. Ask Holly about her garden!

Training with Holly is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As a physical laborer and avid cyclist, I always had a functional strength. What i got from my time with Holly is an abundant health. Through training that is as adaptable as life is chaotic, and with the wealth of nutrition information she brings to the table, I witnessed all my fitness goals reached and then crushed in a matter of months.

But above all this, training with Holly gave me something I’ve seldom found, a partner in health who is as unwaveringly positive about hard work and its hard earned rewards as I am, even when I couldn’t be. Rely on her knowlege, trust in her experience, lean on her strength. Holly’s got you while you’re getting it done.

- Jacob Bayard

I remember waiting outside, standing by my car, wanting to go in but scared of what people would think about me, terrified of being vulnerable, to face the things that kept me from moving my body for so long, thinking all I wanted was to break free from my huge, gross body; so I waited outside by my car until the very last minute, until there wasn’t enough time left before the first class started to have to talk to people. Thinking I was trying to gain entry into a club I had no business in.

What I found though once I finally walked through the gate was not what I’d hoped. What I found was even BETTER. There was no pretension - no weird stares, no one shocked to see a fat body. They were just stoked I was there. I was the only one concerned with my larger than everyone else’s body. This was it, the place I could let my walls down - uncover some dark places I hadn’t been to before within. I could let them out, let them breathe.

Within the next 12 months, I had hit so many fitness goals I would have never ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. I went from having a hard time walking short distances, to jump roping, doing BOX JUMPS, lifting heavy weights, and sprinting. Sprinting, people!!!

The space that Holly and her team of coaches create is really straight up, MAGIC. Inclusive, kind, loving. There’s a space for you.

I went from hating my huge body to loving every inch. I went from ignoring my body, to paying close attention to her needs. I feel strong. And not just physically.

There’s no more standing outside.

-Brie Parker

This is the first time in my life I look forward to working out. It's also the first time where I feel a slow and steady progression happening and can see muscles popping up and have more energy. Each work out is different, I'm constantly challenged but not feeling defeated and burned out like other classes I've tried, I feel like I learn something new every time. This gym is great for beginners and advanced athletes. Group classes are not one size fits all, we all have different strengths and goals and that seems to be embraced here. Everyone is certainly made to feel welcome here but I love their compassionate approach to fitness and nutrition, It's a no brainer for me. Ed and Holly are not new to this, they are very respected in the vegan fitness community and just take a look... the proof is in the pudding. You don't have that kind of resume if you don't know what your talking about.
Flexible class schedule
Private coaching
Nutrition planning
Plant based supplements

- Heather Tuthill



Meet a few of our fuzzy members who, often, come to play and train with their humans as well as our resident queen coach: Ani


Holly Noll

Holly began as a lifelong chef, working in high end restaurants up and down the West Coast. After becoming vegan in 2006, she became certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell and has been internationally published as a food writer, as a health educator, and as a teaching chef, inspired most by how powerful nutrition is as a tool for health and wellness, without sacrificing taste, enjoyment and tradition. Eventually transitioning from the kitchen to the gym, coaching locally at Rising Strength, providing remote nutrition and fitness training to athletes all over the world, and advocating the style of flexible dieting to get results aesthetically, and athletically, while maintaining a deliciously healthy relationship with food and body.

She has been featured the cover of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine as well as in the following swimsuit issue. Currently she owns FitQuick Performance Protein Waffles, was the co-host of the Rise and Resist Podcast which focused on discussions around food, lifting, positive body image, and what it means to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, she often contributes as a guest in several blogs and publications regarding nutrition, training, fitness-friendly recipes, and more.

Building on the passion for lifting, Holly joined the international team of vegan athletes in 2015, PlantBuilt, as a powerlifter earning 3rd place for her weight class at the Naturally Fit Games in Austin, TX, and returning the following year to go 6 for 6 in Olympic Weightlifting. She’s since gone on to coach athletes to multiple wins in Powerlifting as well as Weightlifting. Her passion has always been uniting food, nutrition, health, and fitness, to inspire evolution in the world and smash outdated perceptions of what can or can’t be done while staying deeply connected to her athletes.