Black Friday 2019 Newsletter

We’re so excited to share some news! You may have noticed the changed name ⚒ If you haven’t heard, we are becoming Rising Strength as Ed Bauer has decided he will be moving to the East Coast. I, Holly, couldn’t be more excited about the future of this community and stoked for Ed’s new ventures! Don’t worry though, nothing big will change currently. New name, same incredible community, space, and team. Couldn’t be more grateful for this community and pumped about our future!

To make this launch extra special, we’re starting off with a huge bang with this year’s Black Friday Sale. There are many ways to feel about Black Friday. Some of us think it’s “no buy day”, revolting against the consumerist culture that drives us to buy things we don’t need, others live for that retail therapy high. Wherever you land, Rising Strong has your back. We’re offering deals to support your training, a growing community, strength and health at a HUGE discount. This is the one time a year we go all out and we want to invite you to join us!

Foundations Our beginner or “try-out” program. In six weeks/twelve classes, you’ll learn everything you need to know to lift safely, efficiently and effectively in a rad, fun, environment that is integrated into the community from day one. Perfect for those who have never been in a gym before, who have trained a bit but want to learn more, are “getting back into it”, or as a short trial to try us out to see if we’re right for you! ($149.99 * Blk Fri: $75) 

Muscle Babes Foundations Same as above but you’re joining Muscle Babes, “No-Dude” Powerlifting which is Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. This class is for those of us who’d rather train in a safer space with no dudes. Open to all gender identity besides those who identify as “dude”. ($149.99 * Blk Fri: $65)

Personal Training The best way to get personalized attention to your body, your goals and your schedule. This is an amazing way to get started, especially for those who are unsure about group classes, who struggle with accountability or who have previous limitations. (25% off 8 pack normally $760 * Blk Fri: 540…and 10 pack normally 950 Blk Fri: 712)

Unlimited Membership + Open Gym Access {during all business hours} (Ideal for you if you’re an experienced athlete seeking a rad strength gym to train in for classes. Open Gym access is free with this program, meaning you’ll have nearly 24/7 access to the gym, outside of classes.) *FIRST MONTH FREE* {with 12-month commitment}

Barbell Club (Ideal if you’re an experienced lifter, not interested in classes and want to get serious about training. This includes Open Gym Access, personal coaching through review/constant access to a coach for questions and video reviews every week, 12 weeks of programming either Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting or Hybrid Strength and Aesthetics which includes elements of both with a focus on strength and aesthetics. We will train together once a week. Required commitment of 12 weeks, and at least 2x a month attendance at Team Training (tentatively Wed 7:30 pm/if local). All three of these programs can be followed by remote or distance athletes with access too! This is also available to current Rising Strength Members.) Normally $125 per month Blk Fri: 75$ per month (40% off). NOTE: BEGINS JANUARY 1.

For Existing Members!

Refer a friend who signs up for Membership or Foundations and get your next month on us! Thank you so much for bringing your community into ours. $199 value

If you’d like to purchase your next year of membership in cash, we’ll cover tax completely and also discount by 10% for the entire year saving you $399 (this will begin when your membership renews for the next full cycle) $2100 Blk Fri $1701 *unlimited membership only, based on 2020 rates*

January 2019 Newsletter!

Happy New Year NewEthic Fam!

We’re so incredibly grateful for this amazing community. Thank you for kicking ass and supporting one another, you all are so inspiring.

As we start another year, let’s get clear about our intentions, goals and why we’re showing up. It’s all about the discipline we show ourselves, the positive self talk we give ourselves and showing up to get stronger on all fronts.

Rising Strong!

Come party in Rising Strong in the AM with Coach Stevie! Classes are 6 am M/W/F and are primarily conditioning focused so think kettlebells, dumbbells, lots of TRX and bodyweight movements. It feels so good to be done by sunrise with your workout and keeps your body feeling awesome. Especially if you’re looking at getting leaner or changing your body composition, this is a fantastic class series.


We will be shifting to a system where accessories are optional and you can jump onto them after class. This is because as classes grow, we have less and less time to do accessories and we trust you all to dig into them with solid form, safely. So check out the optional end of workout accessories to take your training to the next level within the class setting. If you decide you’d like some more personal attention, we do also offer Personal Training, of course, as well as a few days a week augmented programming for your specific goals to do during open gym. Feel free to reach out to inquire.

New Years Babies!

1/03 Briana Bellamy

1/04 Allen Hsieh

1/04 Dessert-Rae Autumn

1/04 Kate Wilson

1/04 Sherris Minor

1/10 Lauren Garcia

1/12 Victoria Culwell

HAPPY BIRTHDAY US! We turn 4 on January 17th!

1/24 Eric Murphy

1/25 Yvonne Chen

1/26 Cayden Mak

1/31 Jeff Hawkins


Thanks for always showing up and crushing class with a smile <3 Michaela with a solid 5/Weekly. Grab a thank you item from the prize box next time you’re in!

New Years Deals!

It’s almost January and you know what that means: New Years things! We got a jump start and, until Jan 1, we’ve got a kick ass sale going down right now. Details below.

Rising Strong AM HIIT Training!

Early risers, reluctant “gotta get to work” risers, whatever it is that drives you in the early morning hours, come party with Coach Stevie and get your workout in first thing! This is a High Intensity Training class, so we’ll be focusing more on conditioning movements such as kettlebell swings, body weight movements, dumbbells, Assault Bikes, Rowers, bands and more. This is great for those of us looking to move our bodies in the morning, feel amazing throughout the day and for weight loss results! It’s super fun, available for all experience levels and currently runs Mon, Wed, Fri. Jump in for just $20 First Month (No Commitments).



Foundations Series BOGO!

This is our beginner series, open to any new athletes wanting to learn the basics. We’ll go over Powerlifting and Weightlifting movements as well as many others and by the end of the 12 class series, you should be moving safely, efficiently and happily! We run this by having two coaches in class at all times, meaning you get tons of personalized attention while still getting to know and being welcomed into our community! Until Jan 1, get the full series for $99 (originally $150) plus get your next month after you complete Foundations FREE.



Experienced Athletes!

Join our Powerlifting, Weightlifting or Strength and Conditioning series’s, or try them all out for a month for only $50 unlimited access.












Personal Training!

Train with either Holly or Ed 1:1 to get the personalized attention you need to jump start your goals. Whether you’re starting out, digging into a movement that just hasn’t clicked, looking to lean out or change your body composition, dealing with an injury or struggling with a goal, we’re here and we’d love to help your goals become epic reality. Get started for 20% off until Jan 1 on packs of three!


Try us FREE for one week (Jan 7th – 14th)

Open to any level. Want to check out the NewEthic community for free and see if you want to join the party?! Awesome. Please either email to confirm or click to get started.